Not a logo, a brand platform

There are countless firms that can create a great looking logo, but you don’t need a logo – you need a brand platform. A brand platform should tell your story and provide you with the tools and framework to carry that message across countless channels.

This starts with a deep understanding of the values, goals and participants in your organization or place. It considers what you are, what you are not, your positioning, your audience, and includes both visual identity and messaging.

This isn’t simply a graphic design exercise but rather a foundational strategy and platform which will shape, inform and carry all communication.

  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Principles
  • Identity & Positioning
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Guidelines & Playbooks
  • Implementation Plans

A comprehensive brand strategy serves numerous internal and external audiences. It is that north star for internal staff and stakeholders and serves as a filter for all decision making. For external audiences, it attracts those who share your brand values and principles.

A brand is a promise and living that brand on a daily basis and fulfilling that brand promise is key. It has to be authentic, real, and simple.

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This project is by CivicBrand, the civic focused division of our agency,
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