Curing allergies through good design

United Allergy


United Allergy is a leading healthcare services company, with over 1,000 employees, that provides allergy testing and immunotherapy services… allergy shots. They’ve conducted over 10 million allergy tests and delivered over 14 million immunotherapy treatments, 83% of which are done in the patient’s home. Previously, all patients had to keep a detailed shot log. Allergies are no fun and neither is keeping up with a paper injection log. Even worse, if a patient lost the log, missed a shot or missed an appointment they could have to start over on entire vial sets. These setbacks were the primary reason people would stop their allergy shots and ultimately never find relief from their allergies.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.19.54 PMUnited Allergy came to MODassic to create an application that would enable patients to ditch the paper injection log and log injections right on their phone or tablet as well as sending out reminders to patients about missed shots and upcoming appointments. This would not only make life easier but would encourage better medication adherence, increase patient engagement in their allergen care and ultimately eliminate their allergy symptoms.

We flew down to San Antonio, TX to work with the United Allergy team on a two day discovery session where we learned about the immunotherapy process and the patients’ needs and challenges so we could design a user experience that makes their lives easier and doesn’t feel like just another thing to keep up with.


The MODassic team branded the application as well as designed the user experience (UX), user-interface (UI) and front-end development. Watery eyes, an itchy throat and a runny nose is not a good user experience.


The MODassic team designed a series of print ads and posters to roll out the new app to practitioner clinics across the country to introduce the app to patients. These pieces communicated to both doctors who currently administer immunotherapy as well as the patients receiving allergy shots.


MODassic produced a short 30-second commercial about the app that quickly communicated to both doctors and patients the benefits of tracking allergy shots via an app. In addition, we produced a walk through video that guided users through the app to highlight the different features.