Evolving a brand and developing a channel marketing strategy



Cytracom is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) provider that sells directly through a partner channel of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) otherwise known as IT companies. There are numerous advantages to selling through IT companies that have the relationship with the end user but it presents marketing challenges.

They came to MODassic to tighten their branding and messaging as well as develop and implement a marketing strategy that would attract and engage partners as well as communicate their service features to end-users.


After our discovery session, the first thing we did was dive into the benefits that Cytracom provided both its partners and the end user. Our entire team was involved in a messaging brainstorm exercise to develop key messaging for all of the benefits and selling points that would need to be communicated to both partners and end-users. This gave us a library of key messaging that could be used across the web, print, in emails, etc.

We saw that their service was helping IT companies evolve by offering a new revenue stream, and their process simplified things by making selling VoIP very easy. To the end user they were evolving to a newer technology and simplifying by eliminating the mess of wires in the phone closet of a traditional system. Therefore Simplify and Evolve was the perfect message strategy that could speak to both partners and end-users.

We tightened up the branding and created a new visual identity that resonated with the simplify and evolve messaging. We used big, simple typography, lots of white space and a modern and simple illustration style.


One of the primary ways Cytracom reaches their partners is through trade shows where they are also often keynote speakers. We designed and printed a new partner brochure with the new messaging and branding – all printed on a high end card stock with a soft touch finish. We redesigned the trade booth and promo collateral including water bottles and shirts.


While the trade shows were extremely successful in landing several new partners, we needed to develop an inbound marketing strategy and implement the Hubpot platform to attract, nurture and engage partners 24/7 through their website.

We assisted with the hubspot set-up and developed the strategy for marketing automation workflows for partner leads, partners and end-users as well as one off emails for trade shows and webinars. These workflows stay in front of and educate partners on the value of being a Cytracom partner and after they signed up would continue to stay in front of them by providing resources and marketing tools to help their partners succeed.


We have designed and developed a website that communicates to both end users and partners. The website is built on the WordPress platform so that the client can easily manage and update content. The site is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop and features a video background header.


Signing a new partner is great, but unless that partner starts selling VOIP to their clients, there is no value. Therefore first impressions are everything and keeping partners engaged and providing them resources to sell is key. We designed a welcome kit box that could make the first impression of receiving your demo phone system a more exciting brand experience.