A complete inbound evolution

Paperless Transaction Corp


Paperless Transaction Corporation provides credit card processing and online giving solutions exclusively for non-profit organizations. They had a very traditional sales model which had served them well for the past 18 years but needed to evolve both their brand and sales strategy to better reflect the modern digital solutions they provided.

"You are one of the best investments we have made."
-George Reich, PTC

MODassic didn’t just build PTC a website; we revolutionized their entire new business process. The company is now a complete believer in the concept of inbound marketing and is driving leads and new business like never before.

Persona Based, Inbound Marketing

It all started with developing detailed buyer personas. PTC knew they sold to non-profits and churches and knew how to reach them on the phone or at trade shows. However, they realized that wasn’t very scaleable and didn’t know how to do that from an online marketing standpoint. We introduced the concept of inbound marketing starting with developing detailed buyer personas. Within non-profit organizations there is your IT guy, your accountant, your fundraiser, your executive director, etc. While they all may work at the same non-profit and at different times may be researching the same solution that PTC offers, they each have very different needs and goals. Therefore we helped PTC develop a website, marketing and sales strategy that would attract and speak to each persona at each stage of their buying process.

With the personas defined we developed a content strategy consisting of content topics that would attract the different personas, content that those personas would gladly give their email address in exchange for and content that would educate and nurture those personas ultimately converting them into happy customers.


We designed a custom, fully responsive website built on the WordPress platform. Because content development was key to overall strategy, we made sure the new site was extremely easy to manage and update on the backend. We integrated the website with HubSpot and developed numerous calls-to-action and landing pages with lead capture offers.

Online rate calculator

Inbound marketing isn’t only about content offers. We also developed online tools such as a rate calculator where visitors can quickly enter in their current processing rates and see how much they would save with PTC compared to other credit card processors. This is a great tool that really focuses on the User Experience and solving their problem first – it’s also a great lead generation tool.


We moved PTC to HubSpot marketing automation system as well as the HubSpot CRM and integrated it with their website. They can now see exactly which channels and marketing efforts are delivering not just in visits but leads and sales. We set-up persona based email marketing automation workflows and they now have the ability to see exactly how their marketing and sales efforts are effecting their bottom line through closed-loop reporting. PTC has completely embraced the inbound philosophy and we even enjoyed a trip with them to Boston for HubSpot’s annual Inbound conference (and of course caught a Red Sox game at Fenway!)



We didn’t just stop with marketing and attracting leads. We continued to work with Paperless on their entire sales funnel. This included messaging strategy and shifting from selling a large number of solutions a la carte to offering 3 tiered packages making them easier to understand and easier to buy.

In addition, we developed a custom, online sign-up portal that streamlined the entire on-boarding process. As a transaction processing company they needed to collect a good amount of information from their clients to get them signed up. Previously their on-boarding process was very cumbersome and involved a lot of paperwork. The new online signup portal drastically changed this experience and the amount of time their staff and clients had to spend.

This has created greater alignment between marketing and sales and their entire organization now has complete buy-in to the concept of inbound marketing and sales.


We developed multiple animated videos to tell their story in a simple way that brings to life how their solutions help non-profits reach their audience and raise more money for their cause.