Inbound strategy for cutting edge education company

PAST Foundation


The MODassic team flew to Columbus, OH to meet with the PAST Foundation for a full day kick-off and discovery session. The organization has been a leader in school design and STEM Education for years but had just recently opened its stunning new innovation lab and needed to create an online presence and digital strategy that better represented who they are.

The challenge of this project would be how to communicate what PAST is and the many different services they provide to two very different audiences. They provide something very different to students and parents than they do to professional educators. In addition, they provide something very different to those who visit their Innovation Lab versus those who hire them for school design services or online learning.



While the original RFP was just for a website redesign, after discussing the goals of the site, we knew that in order to be successful the new website needed to be the hub of a complete inbound marketing strategy – complete with a content strategy, contact strategy, beautiful new website and integration with a new marketing automation platform & CRM.


Like all MODassic projects, we started with persona development. Students, parents, teachers, administrators and business leaders all work with and benefit from the PAST Foundation, however they all have completely different wants, needs and goals. We developed detailed personas for each group so we would fully understand how to communicate to each distinct group at each lifecycle stage of their relationship with PAST.


With a deep understanding of the different personas and what they are looking for, we then developed a content strategy. The content strategy defines the content that will attract each persona to the site, the content that will capture that persona as a contact and content that will nurture and educate that contact from first contact to a long time customer. We map the entire user journey and define the keywords and topics as well as the workflow and automation rules.


With the personas defined and content strategy in place, we implemented the marketing automation and CRM platform. By setting PAST up with Hubspot, we knew they would now have the tools to not only implement the strategy but also the data to measure and optimize their entire marketing and sales process. We set up Hubspot, a custom integration with the new website, and the marketing automation workflows and list. We cleaned and imported their contacts and finally trained the PAST team on how to use Hubspot.


We developed a fully responsive website built on the WordPress platform. The site features a robust event registration system, personalization through page layouts that adjust for different personas and is fully integrated with the Hubspot marketing automation platform and sales CRM.


A big part of the PAST Foundation centers around their events. From camps and courses that parents sign their children up for to online continuing education courses that educators sign-up for, the organization had many different event registration requirements. We integrated and customized an event registration system into the WordPress platform and then tied that into their Hubspot CRM. This created a seamless user experience for registration and the data flows seamlessly into their Hubspot CRM.


We believe personalization is the future of the web and using both the users click behavior as they navigate through the site as well as utilizing the Hubspot API, we are able to serve up personalized content and dynamically adjust the layout of key pages based on if the user that is visiting the page is a parent or teacher. This puts the information that persona is looking for right at their fingertips – creating the ultimate user experience.

We love happy clients!

“Working with MODassic was a great fit from the start. Ryan and his staff listened carefully to our stories, provided marketing expertise, industry best practices, and finally organized our content into targeted pathways always with the end result in mind … driving more business to PAST.

We think of MODassic as a partner rather than a provider. Ryan and his staff always listened first and provided well thought out solutions for us to consider. PAST is a very dynamic and innovative company and MODassic understands that. They use a proven structure and process which helped us launch an exceptional website in a short timeframe.

MODassic has PAST’s best interests at heart as it is evident in the support they provided prior to the project, during the project, and now on an ongoing basis. It is clear that they are a well run organization who puts their clients first helping their clients achieve their goals!”

– Annalies Corbin | PAST Foundation CEO