Helping this organic gardening company grow and grow



Spray-N-Grow was one of our very first clients, since 2008, and we continue to work with them as an ongoing, full service client to this day. Founded in 1982, Spray-N-Grow is an all natural gardening company that started off with a single product and has grown over the years. Their in-house team began putting out a mail catalog and started selling online but got to the point where they needed outside help and were ready to take things to the next level. However, they needed an entire marketing department, not just a designer, web developer and multiple vendors to manage. They were looking to extend their reach to a new generation of home gardeners, keep up with technology, continue to market to their catalog base (now mailing over 1 million catalogs a year) as well as continue to market and sell to farmers and hydroponic wholesalers – so they turned to MODassic.


A couple years into our relationship with Spray-N-Grow we rebranded the company and created an identity for the separate divisions that over the years had naturally developed – gardening, agriculture and hydroponics.

E-Commerce website with mail order management integration

Online sales have continued to grow and the site now features nearly 400 products across 20 categories. We’ve developed a fully responsive and custom designed website built on both Magento and WordPress platforms. We use the two platforms together to create a robust e-commerce website that is integrated with their warehouse inventory and mail order management while also creating a content rich website.


We work on an ongoing basis to search optimize all of the product categories and products as well as the rich wealth of gardening information and tips to drive traffic to the site through search engines. We also manage Google AdWords campaigns and run remarketing ads (also know as retargeting) to keep the brand front of mind and drive customers back to the site.

1 million catalogs a year

"Orders have increased 50% over last year with a sales increase of 61%... The Ultimate Kit is up 26% with the new layout!"
-Melanie Lyon / SNG

We design 3 catalogs a year for Spray-N-Grow. One that is mailed in early spring, spring and summer and reaches 1 million gardeners. When you are sending that many catalogs and investing that much in printing and postage it’s critical to optimize the performance and revenue of every square inch of the catalog. That is why we use square inch analysis to determine the revenue generated per product in relation to how much space that product occupies in the catalog and cost of that page real estate. We use this data when designing each catalog to influence design and layout decisions while the Spray-N-Grow team uses the data to make merchandising decisions.


Email marketing is an extremely important part of the work we do for Spray-N-Grow. We are actively growing the company’s email list and staying in front of their customers with special offers, new products and gardening tips. The emails we send regularly see a ROI of over 3,000% per email offer. Our email success has even been featured in a case study put out by Vertical Response.  In addition, we have implemented an abandoned shopping cart system that draws shoppers back to the site who didn’t complete their purchase.


Spray-N-Grow products are featured and sold on TV through infomercials and on both QVC and HSN. We have designed and developed an infomercial landing page as well as designed support graphics for products sold on TV.