Simplifying the complex through design

Texas Biomedical Device Center


Texas Biomedical Device Center at the University of Texas at Dallas does amazing work in the area of brain elasticity. This is cutting edge scientific research that has the potential to impact thousands of people suffering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The center relies on large donations to fund this cutting edge research and while those within the science community are certainly comfortable reading data sheets and scientific reports, most of us aren’t. The work they are doing is very complex and therefore it can be difficult to communicate exactly what they do. Therefore they have a strong need to be able to communicate the powerful work they are doing in a simple and effective way to those outside the science community who are often the decision makers on awarding and funding these grants.

The Texas Biomedical Device Center came to MODassic to create a visual identity and use design to help tell the story of their work to potential donors. While still in the early stages, the MODassic team has created a visual language to help communicate and present their work.

Through design and illustration we’re able to tell complex stories in a very simple way and communicate big picture concepts as well as the impact and importance of their work.

Developing a visual language and brand identity

UTD3The first thing we did was develop a visual language and brand identity for the center. By creating these defined styles, colors, fonts and icons, the center can communicate across a wide range of mediums while keeping a very consistent look and feel. This makes everything feel more organized and simple which is even more important when you are communicating complex topics.

Web Design

We then used that visual language to create a web design that would organize all of the information on the center’s website and allow clear paths for different users. A scientist looking for detailed data sheets and high level information will quickly find the information they are looking for just as a student or potential donor with little or no knowledge of brain elasticity will quickly find and be educated on the great work the center is doing.

Designing an elegant leave behind

We designed a coffee table book that could serve as both a gift for donors as well as a marketing piece that elegantly presents all of the work that is being done by the center. Supporters of the center can proudly display their coffee table book to showcase the great work they are supporting and it serves as a tangible communication piece capable of presenting a very complex subject in a simple way.

Stationery design

Everyone loves getting fresh new stationery and with all the donations that will soon be pouring in, the center will be writing a lot of thank you notes!