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The Marketing Glossary

A/B testing

| A/B ˈtes-tiŋ |

What’s A/B testing? Split testing?

A/B testing—or split testing—is a comparative method of testing everything from entire webpages to simple UI elements. A certain ratio of live visitors are served up version A of a change and the other remaining percentage will see version B. It is a way to measure the results of design changes and determine quantitatively the better performing page, “buy” button, or widget through hard metrics like conversion rates, newsletter sign ups, or average time on page.

What’s the difference between A/B and Multivariate testing?

A/B testing differs from multivariate testing in that it tests only one change or element, such as a single button, while multivariate testing experiments with multiple on-site variables or components, such as a headline, image, and button placement.