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The Marketing Glossary

Alexa Rank

| ə-ˈlek-sə ˈraŋk |, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a ranking system that measures website traffic on a massive scale. Alexa rankings are based on estimates of data gleaned from a sampling of users who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. The lower a website’s Alexa Rank (1 being the the very best), the more traffic it receives overall.

What are some benefits of a good Alexa ranking?

A high Alexa ranking can bring in more advertisers who want to buy ad space on a website because of the traffic it implies. However, many websites are not even indexed by Alexa because no one with the Alexa toolbar has visited the site, though it may actually receive more traffic than a website with an Alexa rank.

Check your Alexa Rank, but don’t pay it too much attention.