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Black Hat SEO

| ˈblak ˈhat SEO |

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO activities are used to get a quick gain in organic search by “gaming” search engines to get fast results—with activities like keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, adding irrelevant terms for SEO value, and bulk paid link building or link exchanges.

How do search engines deal with Black Hat SEO tactics? 

Search engines definitely frown upon Black Hat SEO methods because it results in a lower quality user experience (UX), and many of Google’s algorithm updates have been issued to address Black Hat SEO tactics. A search engine’s goal is to deliver the most reputable and relevant results—not results that happen to use sneaky tactics.

If you are unsure if your SEO tactics are considered black hat, the best thing to do is check Google’s guidelines. However, a quick test is to ask yourself, “Does this help the user in any way? And does it attempt to trick the user or search engine in anyway?” Good SEO practices are considered white hat.