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The Marketing Glossary

Exit Rate

| ˈeg-zət ˈrāt |

What is exit rate?

The exit rate of a page on your website is the percentage of sessions[link] where that page was the last page before the user left your site. This means that the user did not land on that page, but instead viewed other pages on your site before navigating to the exit page through your site navigation.

What does a high exit rate mean?

A high exit rate can be the result of different things, so it is important to think of each page in the context of its natural navigation. If your blog page has a high exit rate, that could signal a problem, because it means users aren’t clicking on to read your content, something that the page and your content should naturally encourage. But if a specific blog post that is separated into three different pages has a high exit rate on the third page, that doesn’t necessarily signal a problem. It would be natural for the user to leave at that point after finishing your three-page article.

Exit rate can be influenced by many different factors, including site design, site content, UI and UX.