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The Marketing Glossary


| ˈkē-ˈwərd |

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or group of words that a user inputs into a search engine in order to find information related to that keyword.

Long tail keywords are longer and more specific. Consumers are more likely to use long tail keywords when they are further down the sales funnel and closer to actually making a purchase.

What is keyword targeting?

Keyword targeting is the act of building a website, content piece, or search ad specifically geared towards a keyword so that the site, content, or ad is shown as a result on SERPs[link] when people search for that keyword (ranking for that keyword).

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and researching search terms to rank for. Marketers use keyword research to determine what keywords to target and to find variations of those keywords to plan content strategy and increase SEO.