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The Marketing Glossary

Middle of the Funnel

| ˈmi-dəl əv thə ˈfə-nəl |

What is Middle of the Funnel?

Middle of the Funnel refers to the middle portion of the sales funnel. Consumers who are in the middle of the funnel are aware that they have some sort of need to be solved and are looking for a solution. The concept is important in inbound marketing because it shapes the type of content that should be delivered to your leads. A lead at the top of the funnel should be targeted differently than a lead in the middle.

What type of content should I deliver to a lead in the middle of the funnel?

Content in the middle of the funnel should be focused on educating your leads about the benefits of your products or services and why they are the best. Content here starts to become more brand-specific. Middle of the funnel consumers are interested in buying from someone, so start to tell them why it should be you.

How do I know when a lead is in the middle of the funnel?

A lead in the middle of the funnel is interested in making a purchase and, as such, will have interacted with you in some way (like filling out a form). They will be seeking more information about your product so that they can research and decide if it is right for them. This is why it is important to establish personas and have an understanding of how they travel through the sales funnel so that you can monitor what stage your leads are in and gradually push them down the funnel.