Sound Smart in Meetings

The Marketing Glossary


| pər-ˈsō-nəs |

What is a persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of a company’s ideal customer(s). Personas identify all of the characteristics of a company’s target customers—what they’re like, what they want and need, what worries them, things they are searching for, etc.—so that you have a better understanding of your customer base and how to market to them throughout the sales funnel. For example, we at MODassic have determined that our target persona is Marketing Mary, and she is in charge of marketing at her company.

What is a persona sheet?

Persona sheets are simply the written out, fully-developed personas. We create persona sheets that list all of the demographics and qualities of the persona, as well as what they are looking for and what kind of content we can offer them at each stage in the buying process.

What is a persona-based approach to marketing?

A persona-based approach to marketing means that all marketing content is developed specifically with personas in mind. At MODassic, we are big believers in this strategy because it means that content is relevant and useful to our clients’ customers—which improves everything from SEO to conversion rates and sales.