MODassic celebrates 10 years in business

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We are very excited and humbled to announce MODassic’s 10-year anniversary.

When we founded the company back in 2008, the marketing landscape was quite different than it is today. There were plenty of large ad agencies ready to serve large clients and plenty of freelancers ready to serve small clients. However, there weren’t many agencies serving clients who needed a more strategic process than freelancers could offer but also who weren’t placing national ad buys and therefore were too small for the big ad agencies.

Today there are thousands of small marketing agencies out there yet despite that dramatically changing landscape, MODassic has been able to continue to thrive. We believe this is due to 3 things.

Always looking forward.

We never focused on the digital marketing trends, hacks ortricks that a lot of companies fell victim to. We always focused on creating quality content with the end user in mind even before Inbound Marketing was even a thing.

Everything led by strategy.

We never focused on becoming a “web design shop”. While we build a lot of websites and most clients initially come to us for a website project, the website is just a means to an end. Nobody needs a website. They need sales. Which means they need a strategy, branding, visitors, leads and nurturing that aligns their entire organization.

Our team.

Over the years we’ve made a conscious effort to build our in-house, never out-sourced team that brings a diverse set of capabilities and experiences but that have shared values. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have such an amazing and talented team and we owe our success to them.

To celebrate our 10-years in business we threw a party down at our favorite restaurant, the AllGood Cafe, and had music from The O’s. A good time was had by all and we look forward to the next 10!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us, encouraged us, inspired us and trusted us with their business. We couldn’t do any of this without you!


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