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The Marketing Glossary


| ˈad ˈsens |

What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is a free feature of Google AdWords that partners pay-per-click advertisers with content publishers. AdSense is the platform in which publishers can allow pay-per-click advertisers to display ads on their site in exchange for a chance to earn money.

Alexa Rank

| ə-ˈlek-sə ˈraŋk |, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a ranking system that measures website traffic on a massive scale. Alexa rankings are based on estimates of data gleaned from a sampling of users who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. The lower a website’s Alexa Rank (1 being the the very best), the more traffic it receives overall. What are some ... (read definition)


| API |

What’s an Application Programming Interface (API)? An Application Programming Interface (API) relates to a set of standards for accessing web-based software. Publicly released APIs, like those by Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft allow developers to create apps and websites that harness the functionality of those web-based pieces of software. What’s ... (read definition)

Automation (Marketing Automation)

| ˌȯ-tə-ˈmā-shən |

Marketing automation refers to software that exists to help marketers automate repetitive tasks like email and social media. When paired with a strong inbound strategy, it is a powerful tool that can help nurture leads and turn them into customers. However, it should be noted that automating for the sake of automating, instead of sending highly-targeted ... (read definition)

Black Hat SEO

| ˈblak ˈhat SEO |

What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO activities are used to get a quick gain in organic search by “gaming” search engines to get fast results—with activities like keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, adding irrelevant terms for SEO value, and bulk paid link building or link exchanges. How do search engines deal with Black Hat SEO tactics?  Search ... (read definition)


| ˈblak-ˌlist |

What is a blacklist? A blacklist can refer to a list of email or IP addresses that are blocked due to a malicious threat or SPAM. Blacklists can be used by servers to block attempted or perceived attacks to websites or servers, or companies can also use blacklists to filter out SPAM emails. You can check if your IP or domain is blacklisted here. ... (read definition)


| CMS |

A content management system, or CMS, is typically web-based software that provides a platform to create and manage digital content. Popular content management systems include WordPress and Joomla.

COS (Content Optimization System)

| COS (kən-ˈtent ˌäp-tə-mə-ˈzā-shən ˈsis-təm) |

Hubspot’s COS is similar to a CMS like WordPress, except it integrates website pages, email, forms, and analytics into one platform. It is a holistic solution that lets you manage your website and manage other components of your digital marketing, all in one space.


| CRM |

CRM is a sales/marketing acronym which either describes Customer Relationship Marketing or a Customer Relationship Management tool that acts as a database to facilitate and coordinate marketing activities. Some of the most popular CRMs include Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, SugarCRM, Microsoft’s ClickDimensions, Oracle Sales Cloud, BatchBooks and many ... (read definition)

Email Blast

| ˈē-ˌmāl ˈblast |

What is an email blast? An email blast, sometimes also called a bulk email or mass email, is an email that is sent to many people at the same time. Usually, email blasts are sent out when there is something urgent or newsworthy that your company wants to tell its contacts, like when you are having a sale. Email blasts are for when you want to send to ... (read definition)

Google Analytics

| ˈgü-gəl ˌa-nə-ˈli-tiks |

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is Google’s proprietary website analytics platform. By inserting code snippets into your website, you can use Google Analytics to help you recognize where your web traffic is coming from, how people interact with your website, what parts of your site capture their attention, and what elements leave something ... (read definition)

Heat Map

| ˈhēt ˈmap |

What is a heat map? A heat map is a visual representation of where site visitors focus their attention on your website. Heat maps can help you gain valuable insight about what site content is important to users and the paths they take on your pages. Areas that they pay more attention to will be “hot” and red, while “cooler” areas are represented ... (read definition)


| ˈhəb-ˈspät |

Hubspot is a company based in Massachusetts that is known for its inbound marketing software, also called Hubspot, that helps companies attract site visitors, convert leads and close customers. The company is a leader in the inbound marketing industry and actually coined the term inbound marketing. MODassic is a Hubspot Gold Partner because Hubspot ... (read definition)


| ˈwərk-ˈflō |

A workflow can refer to many things, but we will talk about it within the context of marketing automation and Hubspot. A workflow, executed on the basis of a starting condition, is a sequence of marketing processes that a contact goes through on their way to completion. Workflows can have many triggers that result in different, timely actions, and are ... (read definition)