Our process weaves through everything we do

Instead of offering à la carte services, we view brand strategy, design and web development as pieces in a much bigger puzzle. What we really offer is just one thing – the MODassic process.

We’re able to consistently deliver results because we approach every project, no matter how large or small, with this proven, persona driven and goal focused process.

Instead of just delivering a great looking identity or website, we surpass expectations by looking beyond the task at hand and deliver a comprehensive strategy that fills our client’s sales funnel, increases conversions and delivers measurable results.


The MODassic process is built upon the combination of brand strategy, ux design and inbound marketing. All three are present in everything we do and together form the building blocks of a successful project. Clients begin the process through either brand strategy or inbound consulting. User-experience design is then applied to a range of mediums but is always built upon brand strategy, and evolves into ongoing inbound consulting. This allows for an agile and ever-improving approach. We believe a one-off design project which isn’t built upon brand principles, positioning and personas, and that doesn’t consider how users will be attracted, nurtured and converted, will end up just being a costly expense and not a profitable marketing investment.


Brand Identity is the foundation of every company and therefor the foundation of every project at MODassic. While brand strategy is a required step, it's not simply a logo redesign. We take a comprehensive approach in defining both tangible and intangible brand assets. We work with our clients to surface and define brand principles, positioning goals, and fully develop target audience personas. This ensures every project and deliverable that follows is strategic and seamless across all mediums.

UX DESIGN and Web Platforms

User-experience design (UX) starts with the development of buyer personas and meeting their needs across multiple devices, various channels, online, offline, and at every lifecycle stage. We specialize in responsive web design and developing digital platforms consisting of CMS, CRM and Marketing Automation integration. A UX led approach reaches across mediums - not just the web, and looks beyond the design project at hand to achieve the brand strategy.


Every marketing and design project has an underlying business goal of generating a return on investment. Without an inbound marketing strategy that attracts, captures and nurtures your target buyer personas, you may be left with a website that looks great but doesn’t deliver results. Instead, we do both. We create beautiful, award winning websites that are the hub of a comprehensive inbound content strategy. To achieve this we consult with clients on an ongoing basis to drive traffic, create content, analyze performance and reiterate their strategy.