Filling the sales funnel

Filling the sales funnel


Without an inbound marketing strategy, you’ll likely be left with a website that looks great but doesn’t deliver results. At MODassic, we develop inbound marketing strategies that drive targeted traffic, generate qualified leads, nurture and convert prospects, and deliver measurable ROI. We are able to consistently deliver results because our inbound strategies have firm foundation of brand strategy and a holistic digital platform they are built upon. We then feed that machine through content strategy & marketing automation.


Inbound fails from a lack of strategy - blogging for the sake of blogging. Instead, we develop detailed content maps that outline how every piece of content fits together and the user journey through it all - from social posts, blog posts, video and primary site content to resource downloads and nurturing emails.
MODassic content maps identity not only the content that needs to be created but also the target persona, campaign and goal of each piece of content. This creates a n actionable and measureable marketing strategy. We partner with client to develop the content then leverage marketing automation to make it all work creating a 24/7 digital marketing machine.


The following services are the different ways we engage with clients in inbound marketing, content strategy and marketing automation.
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