To post the same thing on multiple social networks or not?

To post the same thing on multiple social networks or not?

Social media is just an online extension of our offline, social behavior. When something interesting happens you may tell a story about it later that night at the bar. You may also tell that story at lunch the next day and again that weekend at a party. Only a jerk would call you out and say “hey you told that story at the bar the other day!” Sure, some people may of been at both the bar and the party and if so… who cares. Not everybody was there. If you’ve heard it already, just shut up. If you’ve read it already on another social network, just keep scrolling.

The funny thing is it’s always the “social media experts” who are so big on the anti-cross posting bandwagon. Well what if someone really values what you have to say, because you are indeed an expert, and they don’t want to miss your valuable posts? To get everything you have to say they would need to follow you and keep up with you on every network you’re on? That’s crazy. If someone wants to keep up with you they should be able to follow you in one place and get what they need. If you’re on multiple networks let people choose which one they prefer to follow you on, but that shouldn’t mean they now just get 1/3 of your posts.

Now some claim different networks have different audiences and therefore deserve different content. Your friends or followers on certain networks may be weighted toward certain demographics. For example, my Twitter is certainly more industry based whereas Facebook is more personal and Google+ is a good mix. However I still have personal friends that are only on Twitter and personal friends that are only on Facebook. I think it’s fair to say nobody has 100% the exact same connections on multiple networks. If you do then you should just pick one and drop the others otherwise what is the point? I’m actually hoping Google+ will become that for me, but it requires all my friends joining. If someone wants to post something they would like all of their friends to see there is nothing wrong with posting it in a couple different places to make that happen.

Cross posting only bothers “social media experts” because they are like the guy who is at the bar, the party and lunch. They have the online equivalent of a drinking problem so they hear your story every time you tell it. That’s their problem, not yours.

If you have a blog and it automatically posts to your facebook and twitter I think that is great. Some people may prefer to come to your site while others may prefer just to keep up with you on twitter, via RSS or facebook. Let them decide where they want to get your information. Now I’m not a huge fan of automating everything so that it instantly posts to all of your networks, but I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with posting something everywhere you have an audience.